small graves,strong horses

Those title words came in a dream.  At first I thought it was a new title of a Gary Paulsen book—a story about life on a farm.  But no such book.  What does this mean? What am I supposed to do with this?  In this world, we are very small.  As a population, we take up alot of space, but the individual is small compared to the earth.  The strong horses is  the quest for more and better.  Upgrade, get better, get faster, save time, save energy.  All this comes across as a need.  The house has to be larger, the car newer, the clothes trendier, the phone smaller and smarter. And so saving time and energy turns into stress, competition.  Fervid schedules that rob us of eating right, resting.  The health falters, blood pressure rises, heart attacks and strokes occur as the strong horses saddled heavily with the what we “have to have” kick at us.Making for small graves.  The strong horses stomping on dreams not yet activated. Chewing up the idea of a simple life that is blessed, filled with gifts, and discoveries.  The strong horses changing shape into billboards and commercials—drilling into us what we have to have to be happy. I envy the Amish—their self sufficiency, their peace, their orderliness. Today, try and bring back the simple into your life.  Turn off the phone, the TV.  Ignore the magazine ads.  Make your home a haven and know that everything in it, including you, is beautiful.

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