“Now you finally get it.”

With the rising cost of everything, it is becoming increasingly harder to make ends meet.  I decided I would get back into making pillows or creating signs from old boards and twigs like I used to do years ago.  I sold them in a shop under the name of Millie Sidebottom. And they sold well.  The problem was that I was the only one making them and time was limited and therefore mass quantities were impossible.  I also cleaned houses at that time so the money from that compensated for not being able to make enough of the crafts. But after my daughter graduated from her special school things changed.  I had to be home with her and I quit cleaning houses and the crafting finally came to a stop.  Back to the present time….I made up my mind I had to do something for extra income.  A nine to five job was impossible because there is no one to care for my daughter and she cannot stay by herself.  I witnessed friends and family members creating things and selling them, or just selling things they did not want on E-bay and making a substantial amount of money.  I became resentful.  I tried starting up again at being crafty, but the time just wasn’t allowing it, I didn’t have the space anymore to work, and I needed to find raw materials for most of what I wanted to do.  But I have also been working on a monthly  newsletter for friends, and I send a daily thought to friends and family.  I speak once a month at our church on issues  pertaining to women,  and I can’t seem to go anywhere without taking pen and paper. An epiphany finally came to me.  A slap in the head.  Look around you Caroll…..all the journals you have kept,all the pictures you too because they brought inspiration, all the notes you took from listening to pastors on televison….why don’t you just WRITE?????  Why don’t you do what your fourth grade teacher and high school creative writing teacher told your parents you were made for???  Will it ever make money?  Who knows…who cares if it doesn’t.  The money will come from other source.  I can still pursue crafting when there is time.  No pressure.  If  all I ever do is make a difference in someone’s life then so be it—mission accomplished.  I see the statue of Jesus–the one I saw at the cemetery.  Only this time his mouth is upturned a bit and he says “Now you finally get it.”

The Lord will supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  I just have to faithful and obedient and be a good steward of all he has put in my care–home, family, creatures, the finances he gives me.  And I don’t mean this to sound contradictory to yesterday’s message about striving for the bigger and better.  Times are rough and some supplemental income would help.  I just want to be able to pay the bills.  It is not about new cars and finery.

But if all I ever have is what I have now I will praise my Lord continually for it


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