been rethinking church

Church… a child it was Catholic.  Holy Water, Cathecism, Confirmation, little white gloves on Sunday, a veil, rosary, white bible.  The priest spoke alot in Latin.  Communion.  Candles.  Confession.

Church today…..We need people to volunteer in various ministries.  Don’t sit there with tightly clenched fists.  Board meetings.  Assistant treasurer position.  Routine.  Same format over and over.  No growth. Communion once a month.  Never going deeper into scripture.  Bring food for this, food for that.  Contention.  Judging.  A controlling leader.  A knot in my stomache every Sunday morning.  But what if church was…..

Where 2 or 3 are gathered, there shall I be.  Communion—the most intimate time with the Lord.  Where we receive his special graces and the whole process should take more than 7 minutes.  Church…not a meticulously kept building but a body of people loving the Lord and spreading his word.  Church…a place where people want to come and are excited about what will inspire them for the REST OF THE WEEK

Church..where it is ok for a child to make noise and bring a toy.   Where the poor are helped and broken hearts are healed and the Spirit fills each and every believer.  Church….a sermon by the river.  A bible reading in the forest.  A prayer group in the city park.  No frills, no spread sheets, no certain way to dress.  Give what you can, whether it be monetary or material….it will be put to work for the Lord.  Where hands are laid on one another and physical healings take place.  Where testimony brings tears to the eyes.    Where praise and thanks never end.  Where babies are dedicated to the Lord and marriage is sacred. 

Many churches out there.  It is a Sunday thing.  “I showed up”. Monday through Saturday it’s a different thing.  The bible gets dusty, misplaced, left in the car.  The flock gets scattered Monday through Saturday—they get rounded up on Sunday. 

Been rethinking church…..




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